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Memory Tea

Memory Tea

1 Ounce


This blend is formulated to strengthen your cognitive funtion. Improving memory and focus, while reducing stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Potentially a preventative or medical treatment for some neurological conditions.


Please fill out an assessment if you suspect that you are experiencing any neurological disorders, visual impairments, or nerve damage to see if this blend will be benefitial to you. 

SKU: 0001

    1 oz of tea will make approximately 10 pots. Each pot is suggested to consist of 4 cups of water, or 32 fluid oz of water. In total, 1 oz of tea will yield 40 cups of tea. Best results when using spring water. 


    Results may vary from person to person given the unique state each of our bodies are in, so please be aware that you may or may not experience the same exact results that another person has. Since it would be a health concern to return our loose leaf teas, all sales are final once the order is delivered to the purchaser. If you're unsatisfied with your order, please feel free to voice your concerns through our contact portal, and we can issue a store credit based on the validity of the matter. Remember to always consult your doctor when purchasing or consuming anything health related. 

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