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Chinese Medicine

The Boring but Necessary

Some of our rules and regulations to help protect us, and you too! We are here to provide you with the best without making things a mess. I know you're excited to stock up on the goodies, but make sure to thoroughly review our policies to avoid any issues or inconveniences. Above all else, we thank you in advance for your business.  

Terms of Use 

Welcome to The Synergy Scale: your trusted source for high-quality, natural herbal remedies. We are committed to providing the utmost in quality, transparency and security when it comes to our products and services. However, you are responsible for ensuring that you adhere to our rules and regulations and any applicable laws, and you agree to not use our services for any illegal or abusive purposes. Furthermore, all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights are retained by The Synergy Scale, and we make no warranties or representations about the products and services we offer. Any liability for our services is limited to the maximum extent allowed by law. The Synergy Scale is an innovative Herbal Apothecary offering affordable payment terms, subscription opportunities, and an extensive selection of licensed products. Along with customer support and user-generated content, customers have access to the advice and expertise of our talented team of herbalists.


We are committed to following all Las Vegas tax laws related to our e-commerce store. All purchases made through our website are subject to the 8.25% sales tax required by the state. Additionally, any orders shipped to Las Vegas addresses are subject to the Clark County sales tax of 8.15%. We are also required to collect relevant taxes on shipping and handling charges. We strive to ensure transparency so our customers are aware of all applicable taxes when placing orders with us.

Privacy Policy 

At The Synergy Scale, we take great pride in our commitment to our customers, which is why we create a safe and secure shopping experience. Our Privacy Policy ensures we never sell your information, and all payments are secure. We value confidentiality and will always keep your personal details private. Visit us today and discover the power of natural healing.

Shipping Policy

With our fast and reliable shipping, we typically guarantee your order will be fulfilled within 3-5 business days with a tracking number sent to you for your convenience, allowing you to monitor the arrival of your desired items. In times of low supply, please allow up to 10 business days, or more, for restock to be received and orders to began being fulfilled. Times may vary, but we appreciate your loyalty and will keep you in the loop!

Returns and exchanges policy

Results may vary from person to person given the unique state each of our bodies are in, so please be aware that you may or may not experience the same exact results that another person has. Since it would be a health concern to return our loose leaf teas, all sales are final once the order is delivered to the purchaser. If you're unsatisfied with your order, please feel free to voice your concerns through our contact portal, and we can issue a store credit based on the validity of the matter. Remember to always consult your doctor when purchasing or consuming anything health related. 





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